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Citrus, Tangerine Dwarf

Item #1127 Citrus reshni 'Cleopatra'

Citrus, Tangerine Dwarf

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Well drained
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Container Plant

Cannot be shipped to: AZ,CA,FL,HI,LA,TX

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 Citrus, Tangerine Dwarf, (Reg. $5.95) (Qty 1) $4.99

Grow your own 2-4" tangerines. The Dancy is a small, erect-branching miniature tree with handsome, bright green foliage. Bears small but very flavorful fruit that ripens in the wintertime. Comes to you well-established in its own container. Complete growing instructions are included with every order.

These dwarf trees are fun, and the requirements for growing them are few: they need a humid environment and may require misting several times a week. They need direct sunlight and frequent watering. The growing instructions that we send you tell you how to pollinate the trees to help the blossoms turn into fruit. We ship only well-established plants which will set fruit within 12 months.

This tree is also available in the Citrus Tree Collection.

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