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Blueberry, Northland 6-12"

Item #3913 

Blueberry, Northland 6-12"

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Well drained, acidic
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Grow giant, penny-size blueberries with elegant sweet, mild flavor in your own yard! Cultivated blueberries grow on ornamental 4-5' landscape shrubs, with pink buds opening to dainty white bell flowers in May. Glossy green foliage turns to scarlet in fall. Prefer sandy, acidic soil. Hardy through central Minnesota. For better pollination we suggest you plant at least two varieties.

Produce medium-sized fruit with good flavor!

Developed by Michigan State University for regions where winter hardiness and late spring frosts are a problem. 4' plants produce medium-sized fruit with good flavor. Branches are pliable and able to withstand weight of snow. Number one plants.

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