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Walnut, Carpathian Jumbo 3-4'

Item #4174 

Walnut, Carpathian Jumbo 3-4

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Any, Clay,Loam,Sandy
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 Walnut, Carpathian Jumbo 3-4' (Qty 1) $14.99
 Walnut, Carpathian Jumbo 3-4' (Qty 2) $28.49

A truly outstanding variety from the rugged Carpathian hills of Europe. Extremely hardy --- down to 20 below zero! The English Carpathian Walnut tree is a truly beautiful lawn tree with attractive, lacy foliage. Grows 40-60' tall. Provides cool, dense shade and bushels of large, thin-shelled walnuts just like the ones you buy in the store. English Carpathian Walnut tree is a real investment for your property in beauty, value, and eating pleasure. You'll find them hardy, vigorous, and easy to grow. Plant two or more for cross-pollination. 3-4' trees sent. Drought and deer resistant.

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