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Crocus Mix

Item #5076 Crocus

Crocus Mix

sun, part, shade
Plant Height:
Ground Condition:
Well drained, sandy, acid to neutral
Hardiness Zone:
1 - 9

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 Crocus Mix (Qty 20) $4.99
 Crocus Mix (Qty 40) $8.99
 Crocus Mix (Qty 80) $16.99

Their bright colors announce the coming of spring, sometimes even before the snow has melted. They'll surprise you, they'll cheer you, and they’ll lift you out of winter's doldrums. Plant them anywhere -- along sidewalks, under trees and even across your lawn. Then watch them spread and multiply by leaps and bounds. Our selection of Crocus includes several colors of strong and hardy bulbs.

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  • Bulbs
  • Hedges
  • Ground Covers
  • Trees
  • Perennials
  • Shrubs
  • Deer Resistant


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SunPart SunShade


Season of Color:


red   pink
purple   White
Green   orange
Yellow   blue
black   multi