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Daffodil, Extra Large Assortment

Item #5156 

Daffodil, Extra Large Assortment

sun, part, shade
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1 - 9

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 Daffodil, Extra Large Assortment (Qty 20) $9.99
 Daffodil, Extra Large Assortment (Qty 40) $18.99
 Daffodil, Extra Large Assortment (Qty 60) $26.99

Our top selection for eye-popping size and gigantic trumpets in a variety of yellow, orange, classic white and bi-color blooms. In this special mix, we have selected varieties which are long-lasting and multiply rapidly so you get weeks of large, beautiful flowers year after year. Stunning in a sunny garden, grouped in beds in front of shrubs or planted in drifts. Once planted, they require almost no care.

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  • Bulbs
  • Hedges
  • Ground Covers
  • Trees
  • Perennials
  • Shrubs
  • Deer Resistant


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SunPart SunShade


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red   pink
purple   White
Green   orange
Yellow   blue
black   multi