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Iris, Breakers

Item #5179 Iris germanica

Iris, Breakers

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A delightfully ruffled and fluted Iris whose undulating petals created a light and billowing effect. Solid blue color holds uniformly throughout and makes this an unforgettable standout. Finely-sized flowers are displayed on four-branch stems with 8-10 buds when mature. Blooms mid-late season and then again in the fall. How much they rebloom depends on your local climatic and soil conditions as well as planting location.

Iris, Immortality

Iris, Immortality

This is probably THE best-known re-blooming Iris in the U.S. The Immortality Iris sports a medium-sized formally shaped pure white self with light lem ...

Iris, Jennifer Rebecca

Iris, Jennifer Rebecca

This iris variety has been chosen because they have been the most consistent rebloomers we've seen. How much they rebloom depends on your local clima ...

Iris, Orange Harvest

Iris, Orange Harvest

Reliable rebloomer!

Bright orange flowers give off a slight fragrance. This show stopping rebloomer is also a vigorous grower. Grows to 32" ...

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