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Corn, Incredible

Item #5469 

Corn, Incredible

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well drained
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 Corn, Incredible, Packet (Qty 1) $2.99
 Corn, Incredible, 1/4 lb. (Qty 1) $12.99
 Corn, Incredible, 1/2 lb. (Qty 1) $22.99

Incredible! That's what you will say once you taste this sugary-enhanced (SE) corn. Large 9 1/2" ears with 18 rows of superb tasting yellow kernels. 85 days.

Corn, Kandy

Corn, Kandy

Extra tender, extra sweet! We've never tasted a sweeter, more tender sweet corn. Carries the remarkable EH genetic factor that gives it extra sweetn ...

Corn, Peaches & Cream Packet Collection

Corn, Peaches & Cream Packet Collection

The tastiest sweet corn you have ever eaten!

Stays in edible condition longer than any other ...

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