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Tulip, Apricot Beauty

Item #5706 Tulipa

Tulip, Apricot Beauty

sun, part
Plant Height:
Ground Condition:
Well drained
Hardiness Zone:
3 - 8

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 Tulip, Apricot Beauty, (Reg. $3.99) (Qty 6) $3.69
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 Tulip, Apricot Beauty, (Reg. $14.99) (Qty 24) $12.99

Apricot Beauty Tulips are the ultimate tulips for spring color! The unique soft apricot color will have everybody talking about these Triumph Tulips. Planted in groups, they create a dazzling effect in the garden and it's no wonder why they are so popular. Apricot Beauty Tulips have sturdy stems that keep them erect in gusty spring winds. No garden will be complete without these gorgeous beauties.

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Plant Type:

  • Bulbs
  • Hedges
  • Ground Covers
  • Trees
  • Perennials
  • Shrubs
  • Deer Resistant


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SunPart SunShade


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red   pink
purple   White
Green   orange
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