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Prunella, Freelander Blue

Item #5826 Prunella grandiflora ‘Freelander Blue’

Prunella, Freelander Blue

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Freelander Blue Prunella was awarded the prestigious 2009 Fleuroselect Gold. For the gardener who wants a plant that will bloom all summer long, yet is also winter hardy and will come back next year without replanting, Freelander Blue is for you! This prolific bloomer starts blooming in late spring and continues until mid autumn and is smothered in the intense violet blue flowers. Since it only grows 7-10” tall and spreads quickly to 18-24”, it is perfect to use as a groundcover or border. This variety will thrive in many types of soil and can be exposed to various different climates. Plant in full sun to partial shade. Attracts butterflies. Drought resistant.

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