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Corn, Early Sunglow

Item #6104 Zea mays var. rugosa

Corn, Early Sunglow

Plant Height:
4 1/2'
Ground Condition:
Well drained
Hardiness Zone:

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 Corn, Early Sunglow, Packet (Qty 1) $2.49
 Corn, Early Sunglow, 1/4 lb. (Qty 1) $9.49
 Corn, Early Sunglow, 1/2 lb. (Qty 1) $16.99

Early Sunglow with its high sugar content and slender cob was developed primarily for on-the-cob freezing. High resistance to frost and to cold, wet ground permits early spring planting that has brought us our first corn on the cob as early as July 8. Plants grow only 4-4 feet high, with two or more ears. The light, golden yellow kernels are narrow, juicy and tender, uniformly arranged in 10 rows on ears 6-7 inches long. Mature in 62 days.

Planting guide: Plant in rows 2 1/2 to 3 feet apart. Drop seed every 5 to 6 inches and cover with 1 inch of soil. Plants should be thinned, leaving one stalk every 12 inches.

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