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Apple, 5-N-1 Dwarf

Item #6123 Malus

Apple, 5-N-1 Dwarf

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 Apple, 5-N-1 Dwarf, (Reg. $29.99) (Qty 1) $24.99
 Apple, 5-N-1 Dwarf, (Reg. $58.99) (Qty 2) $48.99

Imagine 5 different varieties of full-sized apples growing on one tree which grows only about 8-10' high, so that you can pick most of the apples while standing on the ground! Harvest apples the second or third year after transplanting and you truly have a "miracle" tree. "Everbearing" tree - apples for eating, apples for pies, apples for applesauce and apples for freezing. Start producing in the summer --- continue right through the fall. Beautiful apple blossoms in spring! Require little space. Sub-zero hardy. Self-pollinating tree! Grafted on dwarfing, malling number seven rootstock. We send 2 year 3-4' trees. Plant no closer than 10' apart.

Apple varieties included are: Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, Dark Red Jonathan, Yates and Winesap.

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