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Peach, Elberta Dwf 1-3'

Item #6182 

Peach, Elberta Dwf 1-3

Plant Height:
Ground Condition:
Well drained
Hardiness Zone:
5 - 8

Cannot be shipped to: AZ,CA,WA

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 Peach, Elberta Dwf 1-3', (Reg. $13.49) (Qty 1) $9.99
 Peach, Elberta Dwf 1-3', (Reg. $24.99) (Qty 2) $18.99

Elberta Dwarf Peach trees are beautiful little trees that grow only 6-8 feet tall but produce the same size fruit as standard trees. With their beautiful blossoms in the spring and green leaves all summer long, they are ideal for landscaping small areas.

Self-fruitful, this Elberta does not need a pollinator and generally bears mouth-watering, juicy fruit in 2-3 years. (Note: Even though self-pollinating, will do better when planting two.)

Another dwarf peach variety available is the Red Haven. These two peach varieties are both freestone and very similar. The main difference is their ripening dates. Red Haven is early while Elberta is middle season.

This Dwarf Elberta Peach tree is also available in the Postage Stamp Orchard Collection. Trees sent 1'-3'.

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