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Corn, Ornamental Indian Rainbow

Item #6257 

Corn, Ornamental Indian Rainbow

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 Corn, Ornamental Indian Rainbow, Packet (Qty 1) $1.29
 Corn, Ornamental Indian Rainbow, Jumbo Pkt. (Qty 1) $2.69
 Corn, Ornamental Indian Rainbow, 1/2 lb. (Qty 1) $7.59

Ornamental Indian Corn has kernels of vivid red, white, blue and gold that make this bright corn excellent for centerpieces and fall decorations. Ornamental Indian Corn is easy to grow with no two ears alike! Available in 3 size quantities.

Planting guide: Plant in rows 2 1/2 to 3 feet apart. Drop seed every 5 to 6 inches and cover with 1 inch of soil. Plants should be thinned, leaving one stalk every 12 inches.

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