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Peony, Giant Double

Item #6331 Paeonia

Peony, Giant Double

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Nothing equals the peony for Memorial Day decorations!The Double Giant Peony provides dozens of large, gorgeous blooms on a 3' plant that thrives in almost any garden. This plant produces a fresh, sweet scent from fancy double blooms that measure almost 8" across. We send you hand-selected root divisions that will produce these giant blooms for years to come. Low maintenance for a lifetime of pleasure! Use for borders or groupings anywhere in your yard. The Double Giant Peony is disease and pest free. We send a rich color assortment of our choice: Satin Rose, Blood Red, Crimson, Snow White, Salmon, Bright Red or Pearl Pink. All are choice varieties that normally sell for much more. Order today! Blooms in late spring to early summer. Drought resistant, fragrant, deer resistant, great cut flower.

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