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Lettuce, Buttercrunch

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Lettuce, Buttercrunch

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 Lettuce, Buttercrunch, Packet (Qty 1) $0.69
 Lettuce, Buttercrunch, 1 oz. (Qty 1) $3.49

65 days. All American lettuce of famous Bibb or Limestone type but tolerates hot weather and is slower to shoot seed stalks. Thick, deep green leaves are tender, sweet, crisp with that rare Bibb flavor.

Brussel Sprout, Long Island

Brussel Sprout, Long Island

High yields make Long Island Improved a favorite Brussels Sprout. Dark green sprouts resemble miniature cabbages when mature. Excellent choice. 90 ...

Cucumber, Salad Bush Hybrid

Cucumber, Salad Bush Hybrid

Salad Bush vines grow no more than 18 inches long, yet produce firm, straight, 6 1/2 inch long, dark green cukes. This is the most expensive seed we' ...

Lettuce, Asian Greens Mix

Lettuce, Asian Greens Mix

20 days baby leaf, 40 days mature.

Mix of Tat soi, Tokyo Bekana, Mibuna, Red Streaked Mizuna and Red Giant Mustard. Great for stir fry, sala ...

Lettuce, Red Giant Mustard

Lettuce, Red Giant Mustard

21 days baby, 45 days to maturity. Large, thick, tender purplish-red savoyed with white midribs. Strong mustardy flavor, good pickled. Very slow to ...

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