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Rose, Rosa Rugosa

Item #6661 Rosa rugosa

Rose, Rosa Rugosa

sun, part
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2 - 8

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Beauty, privacy, health and protection in one crimson pink flowering rose hedge! The Rosa Rugosa Rose produces hundreds of beautiful blooms, and is also nature's richest source of Vitamin C! Lovely, crimson-pink, single and semi-double roses are produced by the hundreds each June, and then continue to re-bloom intermittently until frost. Planted 2' apart, Rosa Rugosa roses make an ideal rose fence, growing about 6' high. Makes a hedge so strong and thick, animals, children and trespassers can't get through. Helps screen out street noises too. Also very attractive planted as specimen rose shrubs at focal points throughout your property. Old-fashioned fragrance -- Maine hardy! Found along the seacoast of Maine, especially along the famous "Marginal Way" at Ogunquit, Maine, so you know it's winter hardy and can even take seaside conditions. Little or no pruning or spraying is required. Hundreds of Vitamin-rich rose hips! Each flower turns into an attractive orange-red Rose Hip. Rose Hips have been found to be one of nature's richest sources of Vitamin C, higher even than oranges. We'll send you recipes telling how to make Rose Hip Extract, Rose Hip Puree and Rose Hip Soup with your order. Plant in sun to partial sun. Attracts birds. Drought tolerant. Great for cut flowers.

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