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Crownvetch, Carefree Beauty ™

Item #6700 Coronilla varia

Crownvetch, Carefree Beauty ™

sun, part
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3 - 9

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Lovely pink/white blooms to beautify slopes and problem areas from June through September. To cover steep slopes, poor soil trouble areas, stream or pond banks where erosion control is needed, there's no better and prettier ground cover to use than House of Wesley's Carefree Beauty™ Crownvetch. Sub-zero hardy to 40 degrees below, drought resistant, disease and insect free. Lacy, fern-like, deep green foliage compliments the beautiful pink and white blooms that start in June and bloom continually until September each year without replanting. Grows so thick, it chokes out even persistent weeds and requires no mowing or care. Plant 2' apart. Grows 12-24" tall. One plant covers four square feet. Northern grown 1 year old roots.

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