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Blue Spruce 1-2' 4 year old JUMBO

Item #6759 Picea pungens 'Glauca'

Blue Spruce 1-2

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 Blue Spruce 1-2' 4 year old JUMBO (Qty 1) $2.99
 Blue Spruce 1-2' 4 year old JUMBO (Qty 3) $7.99
 Blue Spruce 1-2' 4 year old JUMBO (Qty 6) $14.99

The Colorado Blue Spruce is the most sought after evergreen of all. You will love the brilliant blue-green color and stately pyramidal shape of this tree. Makes absolutely the most magnificent living screen. You will not find any Colorado Blue Spruce of this quality and size anywhere at these low prices. We ship 1-2 foot, 4-year-old trees. Hardy zones 2-8. Deer and drought resistant.

Note: Our trees are grown from seed of selected Blue Spruce for high percentage of brilliant blue coloring. However, the color becomes even bluer with age. Space 10' apart for hedge and 18-20' for specimen.

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