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Bleeding Heart, Fern-Leaf

Item #6873 Dicentra eximia

Bleeding Heart, Fern-Leaf

part, shade
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This plant is an improved variety over the old-fashioned bleeding heart. Beautiful as the old-fashioned variety is, the Fern-Leafed Bleeding Heart blooms for only a short time in the spring, whereas this fringed, or Fern-Leaf Variety blooms from mid-spring to late fall, with its beautiful rose-pink blooms by the hundreds on 10-18" stems. Grows best in light shade, but will tolerate full sun if the soil is moist. Plant about 12-18 inches apart. Get all-summer bloom in one area that might otherwise require a number of different plants to get such results in partial shade. Number one field grown plants. Attracts hummingbirds. Deer resistant. Can be used as cut flower.

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