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Mountain Laurel

Item #6969 Kalmia latifolia

Mountain Laurel

sun, part, shade
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These are some of nature's most exciting woodland beauties. Pennsylvania and Connecticut named the Mountain Laurel the official state flower. In May and June, year after year, these broadleaf evergreen plants cover themselves with large clusters of attractive, cup shaped flowers. Sometimes known as "Calico bushes." Close resemblance to azaleas makes them ideal comparison plantings. Our selected specimen is verified to live at 20 degrees below zero. The Mountain Laurel should be planted as specimens, which stop at 6-10 feet high at maturity. In massed planting, about 4 feet apart, their color can take your breath away. Prefer acid soil, add Ferrous Sulfate. Extra hardy, year old plants with soil ball, for superior success wherever planted.

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