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Maple, Scarlet Red 3-4'

Item #7045 Acer rubrum

Maple, Scarlet Red 3-4

Plant Height:
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Hardiness Zone:
4 - 9

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 Maple, Scarlet Red 3-4' (Qty 1) $5.99
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 Maple, Scarlet Red 3-4' (Qty 4) $19.99

The Scarlet Red Maple is a majestic and beautiful shade tree that will give you years of proud satisfaction. In spring tiny red flowers appear on every red-hued twig. In late spring bright red-winged seeds appear. In fall the bright green leaves turn brilliant scarlet red but often yellow or orange or even combinations will appear. Scarlet Red Maples make excellent lawn or street trees that are hardy and disease-resistant. Fairly fast growing. You receive strong, heavily rooted, hand selected 3-4' trees- an ideal transplanting size that grows 1-2' per year. Grow 35-50'. Deer and drought resistant. For a rain garden.

Maple, Sugar 3-4

Maple, Sugar 3-4'

The fiery, scarlet-orange fall foliage makes the real show. Nothing compares to the intense fall color of the Sugar Maple. This fine specimen grows ...

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