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Pine, Scotch

Item #7105 Pinus sylvestris

Pine, Scotch

sun, part
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A favorite for Christmas and for planting as windbreaks. Starts out in pyramidal form, but eventually the lower branches disappear and the tree becomes more umbrella-shaped. 30-60' tall. 6-9" seedlings. Zones 2-7.

Fir, Douglas 6-9"

Fir, Douglas 6-9"

Elegant evergreen trees! This very dark fir grows tall. Keeps a well-shaped pyramidal form. Has bluish-green needles. Beautiful fir tree is excell ...

Pine, Austrian

Pine, Austrian

Has a wonderful, pyramidal shape. Very dense lustrous green needles. Adapts well to high pH and heavy clay soils. Grows up to 60 feet tall. We sen ...

Pine, White

Pine, White

Well-known for its extremely soft needles. Color is a lighter green than most other evergreens. Asymetrical shape lends itself to landscape use also ...

Spruce, Norway 10-20"

Spruce, Norway 10-20"

One of the nicest evergreens you can plant. Nice pyramidal form and dark green needles make it a favorite. Extremely adaptable and very cold hardy. ...

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