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Houttuynia, Chameleon Tri-Color

Item #7266 H. cordata 'Chameleon'

Houttuynia, Chameleon Tri-Color

sun, part
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 Houttuynia, Chameleon Tri-Color, (Reg. $2.99) (Qty 2) $2.69
 Houttuynia, Chameleon Tri-Color, (Reg. $5.79) (Qty 4) $5.29
 Houttuynia, Chameleon Tri-Color, (Reg. $10.99) (Qty 8) $9.99

Here's your opportunity to grow something your friends and neighbors don't already have. When we saw it we couldn't resist its many bright colors. This is the first time we've had quantities sufficient enough to offer it to our customers. The Houttuynia has exotic, chameleon-shaped leaves -- a bright blend of greens, bronze, and yellows. It has white flowers in early summer. Grows 6 to 9 inches. The Houttuynia is a brightly colored plant that is very popular in the Orient. It is easy to grow. Thrives almost anywhere. Vigorous grower and spreads quickly in moist or dry soils. Suitable for water garden. Deer resistant. Order this Oriental beauty with its rainbow coloring and easy grow ability today!

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