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Lily Mixture, Hybrid

Item #7435 

Lily Mixture, Hybrid

sun, part
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3 - 9

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 Lily Mixture, Hybrid (Qty 30) $14.99
 Lily Mixture, Hybrid (Qty 60) $28.99
 Lily Mixture, Hybrid (Qty 90) $42.49
 Lily Mixture, Hybrid (Qty 120) $54.99

Tall, elegant, Hybrid Lilies are hardy, easy to grow and become bigger and more beautiful every year. Scatter bulbs where you want a dazzling spot of beauty in an informal setting. Especially practical along foundations and hard-to-mow places. These Hybrid lilies flourish even in wooded areas. 10-12 cm bulbs. Bloom mid-late summer. Good for cutting. Plant 6-8" deep and apart in full to partial sun. Attracts hummingbirds. Wonderful as a cut flower. Order now for fantastic color! We send our choice of color.

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