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Garden, Color in the Shade

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Garden, Color in the Shade

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 Garden, Color in the Shade (Qty 1) $19.99

Color in the Shade Perennial Shade Garden combines shade-loving plants for under trees and they come back year after year without replanting!

We're offering 6 varieties of plants that just love shady areas, the areas where even grass won't grow. Every year we get hundreds of calls from our customers asking us what to plant in their low-light spots so we decided to put together a group of the best shade-loving perennials at a bargain price to solve your problems. Buy our money saving Color in the Shade Garden designed to fit a space 7' wide x 4 1/2' deep and save over buying the plants individually! Included is a FREE Planting Diagram with each garden that will show you how to plant your garden.

You'll receive:

2 Regal Blue Hosta (mid summer)
4 Red Trinity Plants (early summer)
3 Mixed Astilbe (summer)
2 Double Blue Barlow Columbine (late spring)
5 Lily of the Valley plants (early summer)
2 Cinnamon Ferns.

Turn that barren shady area into a colorful mini garden. 18 plants total.

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  • Bulbs
  • Hedges
  • Ground Covers
  • Trees
  • Perennials
  • Shrubs
  • Deer Resistant


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