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Hemlock, Canadian 15-20"

Item #7934 Tsuga canadensis

Hemlock, Canadian 15-20"

sun, part, shade
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3 - 7

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 Hemlock, Canadian 15-20" (Qty 3) $6.49
 Hemlock, Canadian 15-20" (Qty 6) $12.50
 Hemlock, Canadian 15-20" (Qty 12) $23.99
 Hemlock, Canadian 15-20" (Qty 24) $47.99

Lovely, dense-growing. Jumbo Hemlock has soft, blue-green foliage that grows flat, feathery layers, all the way to the ground. Can be sheared to any formal shape as easily as Privet. Sheared, or un-sheared, this hedge remains neat and attractive. One of the fastest growing of all the evergreen hedges! Jumbo Hemlock prefers full sun or partial shade and plenty of moisture. Winter hardy in all parts of the U.S. and easily adapts to a wide range of soils. We suggest you protect it from prevailing winds the first year planted. Grows to 3' annually. It is one of the best evergreen hedges. We send sturdy, branched 15-20" plants for quick results. 10 plants make a 20-30' hedge. Plant 2-3' apart.

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