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Corn, Kernel Kutter

Item #8352 

Corn, Kernel Kutter

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 Corn, Kernel Kutter (Qty 1) $6.99

For fixing whole-kernel sweet corn for freezing and canning. Round, sharp, cutlery steel saw tooth knife fits over end or ear of any size. One quick down-stroke shears off every kernel without digging into cob. No crushed or mashed kernels. No trace of husks.

Corn Cutter, American

Corn Cutter, American

Adjustable to cut whole-kernel, cream style or shredded corn. Made of durable easy-to-clean plastic with 2 identical sides and 2 sets of adjustable S ...

Corn Cutter, American Extra Blades

Corn Cutter, American Extra Blades

Additional blades for the American Corn Cutter #8353. Comes in a set of 2. ...

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