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Sprayall, De Luxe

Item #8455 

Sprayall, De Luxe

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 Sprayall, De Luxe (Qty 1) $74.99

This is the finest home sprayer we have found! It has all of the necessary features of a big power-operated sprayer, yet it is built into a home appliance and costs a bare fraction of the heavy equipment. Features include: Constructed of machined brass with 100% Neoprene hose -- resistant to any spray solutions, finger-tip control of all adjustments, double action, continuous spray with 150 lbs. Pressure at the nozzle, no parts to change or mislay, no tank to clean or carry, just place a hose in any ordinary bucket containing spray solution and adjustable nozzle sprays from fog mist to a full stream in any direction as high as 25 feet. Pressure is developed from the in-and-out pumping action of the two parts of the brass tubing. Action is similar to that used in playing a trombone and requires little more effort.

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