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Deer can be a major challenge for gardeners. A hungry deer can eat your plants to the ground and ruin all of your hard work. One way to keep deer from eating your garden is to plant deer-resistant plants. While a deer may eat most any plant if he's hungry enough, deer-resistant plants are ones deer tend to pass by because they may not taste good, may smell bad, may have a bad mouth feel or may be toxic to deer. When you buy deer-resistant plants for sale online, you'll find perennials, shrubs, bulbs and other plants that deer don't like. Choose plants that will grow in your hardiness zone. Then consider the plant's light and soil requirements, height and bloom times.
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Huron Sunrise Miscanthus

1 for $12.99 $12.49
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Blushing Bride Tradescantia

1 bag for $8.49
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3 for $12.69
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Licorice Sage

$12.99 – $15.49 $9.99 – $12.49

Reblooming Iris Collection

12 for $98.99

Blue Skies Collection

5 for $44.99

Wood Hyacinth Mixture

20 for $21.99 $9.99
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Bi-Color Butterfly Bush

$5.99 – $7.99

King Alfred Daffodil

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Hardy Olive


Arizona Sun Dwarf Gaillardia

$7.99 – $12.99

Bella Blue Prunella

$9.99 – $11.49


$7.49 – $7.99


$4.99 – $6.99

Candy Cane Oxalis

$5.99 – $6.49

Burning Hearts Dicentra

$11.49 – $16.49
Buy 2 just for a penny more!
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