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A favorite vegetable among home gardeners, beans are delicious and nutritious. Select from a wide variety of bean seed packets for sale online, including bush beans, pole beans, lima beans and more. All beans grow best in full sun (at least six hours of direct sunlight daily) and well-drained soil. You can improve your soil by mixing in compost. If you are growing pole beans, provide them with a trellis for support. Some gardeners plant pole beans with corn so the bean vines can scramble up the corn stalks. When selecting beans to grow in the garden, consider how you want to use them. Some beans are tops for eating fresh while others are tops for canning and freezing.
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Yard Long Bean

$3.59 – $24.99

Fordhook Lima Bean

$1.49 – $14.99

Blue Lake 274 Bean

$1.19 – $6.99

Tenderette Bean

$1.19 – $12.99

Jade Bean

$2.79 – $11.49

Stringless Blue Lake Bean

$3.99 – $9.99

Midori Giant Edamame

Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
$1.79 – $4.99

Half Price Vegetable Sampler

12 for $13.99 $6.99

Castor Bean

1 for $4.49
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