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Growing a great vegetable garden, orchard or ornamental garden starts with the right gardening supplies, from seed to harvest. If starting plants from seed, browse our seed starting supplies. Plant foods and fertilizers give plants a boost as they grow and develop—and often pest and insect control supplies are needed. For birds, deer and other pests, check out netting and fence. We have lots of other garden equipment, too. You can even find kitchen supplies to help process the harvest. When considering your gardening supply needs, it helps to think about what a plant may need as it grows and matures. Throughout the year, make sure to browse our selection for other gardening supplies you may need.
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DeerX 14 x 75

1 for $55.99

DeerX 7 x 100

1 for $39.99

Bat House

1 for $39.99

28' x 28' Bird Net

1 for $57.99

14' x 45' Bird Net

1 for $34.99

7' x 20' Bird Net

1 for $11.99

Burlap Storage Sack

1 for $9.99

Stump Remover 1 1/2 lb

1 1/2 LB for $16.99
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1 quart Fish Fertilizer

1 for $18.99

Jiffy-7 50mm Peat Pellets

20 for $4.99
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Peat Pot 5" Round

25 for $19.49
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14' x 14' Bird Net

1 for $17.99

Sparrow Trap

1 for $64.99

14' x 75' Bird Net

1 for $57.99

Songbird Garden

1 for $11.49
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Monarch Butterfly Garden

1 for $11.49
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Bee Insect Garden

1 for $11.49
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Flash Patch Lawn Repair

1 for $12.49
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100 Hotkaps

1 for $74.99

Biodegradable Mulch Film

1 for $11.99
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