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Gardens Alive Brands, is one of the largest producers and distributors of home gardening products through the internet in the United States.  Gardens Alive Brands, offers a wide range of quality gardening plants, seeds, bulbs and supplies at very low prices to gardening enthusiasts in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Our company is a retail operation that sells only to the end customer.  We do not sell wholesale, and our guarantee does not cover products that are intended for resale.  If you are interested in purchasing wholesale, please contact us to make arrangements and to inquire about special terms and conditions for wholesale orders.

Gardens Alive Brands, is pleased to offer some of the finest home gardening products selected from outstanding growers from around the globe.  We offer an extensive variety of unique and quality plants, seeds and bulbs for the home gardener.  Some of the outstanding and exceptional home gardening product categories that Gardens Alive Brands, offers are as follows:

We may ship live product in a variety of ways such as dormant and bareroot, rhizomes, bulbs, plugs, or in a variety of pots depending on the grower, time of year, type of product, etc.

Edible Plants and Seeds --- You will be able to select from one of the most extensive and varied array of small fruits, fruit trees, nut trees and vegetables available in the marketplace.  The most delectable and finest performing garden varieties as well as the most mouth-watering new and unique edible varieties are available for the home gardener.  You can grow many of these outstanding edible varieties right from your patio.

Perennials --- We offer a wide range of exceptional and unique cold hardy perennials that return year after year.  From your favorite perennials for sunny or shady spots, to water wise groundcovers, to hardy ferns and interesting ornamental grasses, to fragrant perennials and varieties that attract hummingbirds and butterflies you will find the perfect perennials for your garden.

Bulbs --- You will be captivated by the beauty of our easy to grow bulb varieties.  We offer some of the newest and most unique bulb varieties and have an extensive assortment of both fall and spring season bulbs.  For the spring season bulbs we offer gorgeous Lilies, Gladiolus, Begonias, Dahlias and many more exquisite varieties.  For the fall season we have all of your favorites like bold and dramatic Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Crocus and many more interesting and novel varieties.

Trees and Shrubs --- Add grace and beauty to your landscape with our long lived elegant trees and colorful shrubs.  We have unique trees and shrubs for both sun and shade, for cold hardy conditions, for privacy and screening, for shade purposes or flowering specimens.  You can select something ideal for garden landscape or container. 

Roses --- Choose among a wide assortment of varying types of beautiful roses.  From the classic hybrid teas, to multi-flowering floribundas, to climbing varieties or roses for use as shrubs or hedges, or for roses on your patio.  We even have roses that are bred for sub-zero weather.  Many of these rose varieties are medal winning and outstanding performers in the garden.  Enjoy the beauty and intoxicating fragrances of our timeless roses.

Vines and Climbers --- Add extraordinary vertical color to your garden landscape with our vigorous growing vines and climbers.  From climbing roses to exotic and brilliant colored clematis you can find the perfect vine for a container or the landscape.

Seeds --- You can have home gardening at its best and save big with our classic vegetable seeds.  Plant any of the varied flavors, shapes and colors of tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, beans, cucumbers, melons or many more wonderful seed items.

Garden Supplies --- We also have the garden supplies you need to have the very best for your garden and landscape.  From fertilizers to keep your plants strong and healthy to equipment and supplies for your garden comfort and enjoyment.  The best value offerings are here for your garden supplies.

Garden Solutions --- We have a wide range of garden products to fit your gardening needs.  From a huge selection of plants for containers for your patio or deck, to plants that are fragrant or great for cut flowers, to shrubs and trees that can be used for privacy fences or screening, to deer resistant and drought tolerant plants that offer you worry free gardening.  Enjoy all of the beautiful, unique, exceptional and amazing selection of garden products all at incredible values from Gardens Alive Brands,!

Have another question? Send an e-mail directly to Customer Service or Call at 309-662-7761.

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