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Stump Remover 1 1/2 lb

Stump Remover 1 1/2 lb

Safe, no danger of fire, and leaves only ashes. Just treat the stump and the potassium nitrate chemical action starts to decompose the wood. It will then burn completely down to the root tips with a slow smoldering red glow. One 8 oz. container treats an 18" stump.

Instructions for use:
For removal of stumps 12" in diameter, drill a 1" hole in the center of the stump approximately 10-12" deep. Drill an additional 1" hole into the side of the stump approximately 3" below the top. The hole should be slanted to connect, or nearly connect, with the bottom of the center hole. For stumps larger than 12" wide, drill several sets of holes on the side. Pour approximately ¼ lb of stump remover into each hole and fill with water. Allow to stand for 4-6 weeks. If the stump will be burned, refill the holes with kerosene or fuel oil. Allow sufficient time for the liquid to be completely absorbed into the stump. Then apply a slight amount of kerosene and ignite. Or burn charcoal on top of the stump or around the base. It will burn with a smoldering, red glow down to the roots, disintegrating the stump into ashes.
For trees under 10" and for bushes, simply dissolve a whole can of the stump remover into about two quarts of water and spray the solutions onto the tree or bush. In about 20-30 days, pour some kerosene and burn.

Harmful if swallowed. Contains Potassium nitrate.
  • Hardiness Zones 1-11

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